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SAP & Sybase Go Mobile with CRM & Sales iPhone Application

SAP recently released a customer relationship management (CRM) sales data iPhone application so iPhone users can access their CRM data on the go. SAP, a business management software provider, recently acquired Sybase, a business intelligence analytics software provider. Sybase and SAP worked together to develop the latest iPhone app entitled the Sybase Mobile Sales & […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Named Leading CRM Solution by Forrester

At the end of last month, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was named one of the strongest leading customer relationship management (CRM) solutions by Forrester Research, a technology and market research advising company. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is particularly suitable for midsized and large companies, according to Forrester. Forrester Research compared Microsoft Dynamics CRM to 18 other CRM […]

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Sybase to Expand Mobile CRM, And It Could Mean Big Improvements to SAP CRM

Since the purchase of Mobile 365 in 2006, Sybase has been providing effective mobile messaging solutions for B2C marketing and outreach. And only last week they announced they’ll be extending Sybase 36—their mobile messaging platform that includes mobile CRM support. Sybase has a good mobile CRM portfolio, and customers even include the company everyone hopes […]

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SAP to Target SMBs With its CRM Products

Given that the enterprise market is pretty saturated and renewing licenses is pretty much only way to make money off the big companies; it is not surprising that software vendors are looking to target the mid-market segment.The growth of SaaS has been a major factor in driving the attention of companies like SAP and Oracle […]

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