Veeva Systems Launches Integrated iPad CRM

With all the new technology developments in the workforce, the once “left out” pharmaceutical industry has now jumped ahead with a customer relationship management (CRM) system that is sure to boost their environment across the globe.

Veeva systems has just released iRep, the first exclusively built iPad CRM and closed loop-marketing (CLM) solution. The new system influences the best of the iPad efficiency through CRM functionality, effectiveness and enhanced customer relationships with mobile Internet activity.

Matt Wallach, chief strategy officer at Veeva Systems, shared in a statement that reps are under pressure to represent more products against more competition while physicians give them less face time to do so. iRep allows them to be more efficient, more effective and more connected. Wallach thinks the iPad arrived just in time for pharma and the real-time pharmaceutical rep has now truly arrived, thanks to iPad CRM.

Numerous biotech and global pharmaceutical companies have already taken advantage of the iPad CRM, using it in their sales and marketing organizations. The ideal size, long battery life and ease of use are perfect for the reps day-to-day interactions and marketing. The new iPad CRM is quickly gaining popularity. Over the next few months, five leading pharmaceutical organizations in the United States and Europe will hand out thousands of iPads installed with Veeva iRep to create a competitive market advantage with the iPad CRM.

Peter Gassner, CEO of Veeva Systems, noted that iRep is a strategic solution for their customers and will invest heavily to guarantee their success as well as take full advantage of the iPad’s most remarkable aspects. Gassner also shared that it is crystal clear that everyone loves the iPad, from pharma end users, to the CFO and even physicians themselves.

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