SAP & Sybase Go Mobile with CRM & Sales iPhone Application

SAP recently released a customer relationship management (CRM) sales data iPhone application so iPhone users can access their CRM data on the go. SAP, a business management software provider, recently acquired Sybase, a business intelligence analytics software provider. Sybase and SAP worked together to develop the latest iPhone app entitled the Sybase Mobile Sales & Workflow application.

Sybase wanted to take iPhone user needs into account while keeping security as a priority. Bryan Whitmarsh, the Senior Product Manager in the Mobile Enterprise Solutions Division of Sybase, said, “We all love our iPhones because of the apps and how easy they are to use, so we didn’t want the user experience to be degraded just to secure the device.”

Before fixing the usability of the application, Sybase developers focused on secure segregation. The application was secured separately from the actual iPhone to ensure that no important sales or customer data could be compromised. Also, the Sybase app requires a password.

iPhone Screenshot of SAP Sybase Mobile Sales & Workflow App

The Sybase for SAP CRM application has a variety of features that are essential for sales professionals when they are away from their office. There is a day planner with a detailed schedule of meetings or activities in addition to relevant contact information. For example, if a business user is meeting with a colleague, the colleague’s contact information will come up on the schedule just in case the iPhone user is running late or needs to reschedule.

One of the most important features of the Sybase iPhone app is the analytics and reporting capability. Whitmarsh said, “This capability is huge. WE can create custom reports from the device if the user wants, or use some of our canner filters.” There are several filters, including top opportunities or the pipeline. The iPhone app is also customizable, as users can add different reports by exporting or importing information from the SAP system. Whitmarsh went on to say, “This kind of capability is very important to our users. The more they know about their business, the better off they are, of course. This way, they are always connected to what is happening.”

Another essential feature of the Sybase Mobile Sales iPhone app is its integration functionality. Using SAP’s Netweaver technology, the mobile application will integrate information on the iPhone device and on the main SAP system. This way, when something new is entered into the system it is instantly synced to the phone or main system.

The release of the SAP Sybase Mobile Sales & Workflow application is significant because it addresses the modernization of the workplace, as most business professionals are frequently on the go. This app will be very useful to users who need to access CRM, sales or workflow information when they are away from their desks. SAP ensures that using the mobile app is an easy and secure process. The iPhone app is free on the Apple App Store, with a SAP account.

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