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Go Get the GoMo Wallet!

On Tuesday, Gold Mobile and Telecordia introduced the “GoMo Wallet,” a mobile-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) customer loyalty solution.  The GoMo Wallet is a way for retailers or marketers to use mobile devices to deliver and track loyalty rewards. Two New Jersey based companies, Gold Mobile, a leading CRM and mobile solutions provider, and Telecordia, a mobile […]

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CRM online in 2008

Its almost halfway into 2008, so what have you done till now to get your business online? How involved is your IT department in getting you in touch with your real customers who prefer to purchase online? Kim Nash discusses three ideas that can make a big difference to your online CRM initiatives in 2008.

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SaaS Aids Enterprise BI

SaaS is fast moving from being an SMB-specific service into the mainstream enterprise market. Cost is no longer the driving force that propels SaaS; it is now a legitimate solution for business issues. Welch’s, a manufacturer of jellies and juices, has opted for a SaaS-based BI offering for managing its transportation logistics. The company is […]

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EnterpriseWizard 2.0 CRM Now Available

EnterpriseWizard has released version 2.0 of its CRM application built on top of its SaaSWizard Web application development platform. Customizability of tables, drag and drop style of building templates, and a browser-based interface are the key features of this CRM application. Version 2.0 also incorporates a new improved search engine and automatic transmission of information […]

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Integration of SaaS CRM to your Enterprise Processes

Apparently the jury is still out on the merits of SaaS as a vehicle of distributing software. In an excellent piece Galen Grumen considers actual industry examples where SaaS deployments met with varying degree of success with respect to their integration with core company apps. One aspect that hinders SaaS integration is that SaaS providers […]

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