TenDigits Releases MobileAccess 4.7, A Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile Solution

TenDigits Software Inc.

Last weekend, TenDigits Software, Inc., a mobile Microsoft Dynamics CRM provider, announced the release of MobileAccess 4.7. The mobile CRM application provides access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM from any smart mobile device, including the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. This newest iteration of the product also provides new mobile features to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Mobile CRM is meant to enable employees to collaborate and stay connected without having to stay in the office. Workers can access important client information on the move, which can be helpful for sales meetings or mobile customer support.

The 4.7 release provides expanded mobile device support and enhanced IT management capabilities. “With this release, our vision was to address the demands for broader device platform support while at the same time improving the manageability that organizations need for serious Enterprise-grade deployments,” says Sean Gocher, CEO at TenDigits. “With a new Universal Client technology, we are delivering the promise that any investment into customization, integration, or business rules can be automatically made available to a wide range of smart mobile devices. With a number of Management Control innovations, we are simplifying deployment, support, and maintenance tasks to make it more convenient for IT managers to handle large numbers of user productivity.”

TenDigits focuses on keeping a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in order to make its mobile CRM solution accessible to all organizations. “We are inviting prospective customers and partners to see how easy it is to have the best of both – low TCO and high capability,” says Derek Warburton, CP of Sales at TenDigits. “A demonstration is helpful in showing the product depth, and how flexible and adaptable the offering is without needing an expensive and complex IT project.”

TenDigits is a leading mobile CRM solutions provider. The company has won a number of awards for solution deployments to BlackBerry and Windows Mobile smartphones. More information on the company and MobileAccess product can be found at www.tendigits.com or www.accessdynamicsCRM.com.

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