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Workforce Mobilization by CRM

A competitive business in the global market today requires a mobilized workforce. CRM allows for this mobile workforce without excessive investment into technology for each employee. Instead, CRM capitalizes on efficiency. The relevant customer information and company employees are brought together. CRM brings these major benefits: All-Access CRM data should be available to all employees […]

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A Peek at Things to Come: Chatter for the Android

Android is quickly catching up to its competitors in the Applications arena.’s has launched a Chatter Developer Challenge, and programmer Jeff Douglas has created a Chatter Android App. The Chatter application for Android was built on the platform and uses Remote Access Applications with 3-legged OAuth for security. With the […]

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Sybase unveils Mobility Platform: servers, applications, services for mobile CRM

Everyone wants to jump on the mobile space bandwagon in a world filled with users who use smartphones for personal and work purposes; Sybase is attempting to get ahead early in this growing trend. Last Thursday, Sybase unveiled its Mobility Platform, which is a comprehensive framework of mobility servers, mobile applications and services for the […]

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What Does iPhone CRM Need to Beat BlackBerry CRM?

We’ve been following iPhone CRM’s progression since the first application was announced, and since then, we’ve been waiting to see whether the iPhone would dominate the enterprise market or remain a sort of “it” status marker. Since the iPhone’s release in 2007, iPhone CRM has come a long way—plenty of vendors are offering sophisticated applications, […]


Mobile CRM on your iPhone Today

Krawler Inc. announced some exciting news today for the Mobile CRM Industry. The company’s web-based application Deskera is now available for the Apple iPhone. Deskera’s slogan is: “better, faster, easier”, and with the new Mobile iDeskera CRM, they can now add ‘anytime’ and ‘anywhere’ to that list. Taking Deskera mobile, extends usability and allows users […]

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Mobile CRM: MaxMobile CRM Gets A Boost with The Release of Maximizer CRM 11

Maximizer Software had a big day today, as they announced the latest version of their CRM platform, Maximizer CRM 11. And in a lot of ways, Maximizer’s news will have a big impact on the CRM market in general, considering their mobile CRM component is one of the crowning glories of CRM 11. Maximizer CRM […]

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Sybase to Expand Mobile CRM, And It Could Mean Big Improvements to SAP CRM

Since the purchase of Mobile 365 in 2006, Sybase has been providing effective mobile messaging solutions for B2C marketing and outreach. And only last week they announced they’ll be extending Sybase 36—their mobile messaging platform that includes mobile CRM support. Sybase has a good mobile CRM portfolio, and customers even include the company everyone hopes […]

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iPhone CRM News: IBM Brings Collaboration to The iPhone, and The BlackBerry Is Falling From Grace

It may not be the biggest surprise to hear iPhone-related announcements while the Macworld conference is taking place, but we at BlogCRM are always interested in seeing that phone’s trajectory in becoming an enterprise staple, and the iPhone CRM functions that arise. Today’s news: IBM will demonstrate new enterprise-facing collaboration software (from the Lotus Software […]

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SugarCRM Ups The Ante for, Releases Cloud Connects and Social Feeds

SugarCRM released a broad upgrade today, and some of the features resemble those found in’s newest offerings. SugarCRM 5.5 features a number of real-time functionalities, but their main achievements are a service called “Cloud Connects,” and Social Feeds. Cloud Connects is a third-party web integration with LinkedIn, Jigsaw, and Hoovers, which touts social feeds […]

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After Vetting Multiple SaaS Solutions, PDI Chooses Veeva CRM

Plenty of recent studies indicate that more and more large enterprises are going to move to SaaS CRM and productivity solutions, and last week, PDI, Inc. was added to that list of companies making the leap. PDI provides sales and marketing support to US pharmaceutical companies, and will implement Veeva’s VBioPharma CRM Primary Care and […]

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