Mobile CRM Improves Construction Company’s Efficiency

Recently, VCC, a retail construction company, decided to add a mobile component to its business processes. After the recession, VCC wanted to reorganize and update its company. Smartphones have become a great asset to businesses over the past couple of years and VCC recognized their potential so it decided to give all of its project managers smartphones with mobile CRM applications.

VCC gave its employees BlackBerry Bold smartphones so they could access customer data faster and easier. VCC Project Managers did not only choose the BlackBerry Bold smartphones. Some chose iPads instead of smartphones so viewing shared PDF files would be easier. Accordingly, this attracted new business and sped up VCC’s business processes. The company deployed a CRM application, entitled Mobile Edge from IBM business partner iEnterprise. With Mobile Edge, VCC’s 80 or so project managers could customize a customer relationship management (CRM) application to increase customer satisfaction. VCC employees also deployed IBM Lotus Notes, Domino 8 and iExtensions CRM.

Screenshot of Mobile Edge CRM App on Blackberry Bold

Wayne Alley, VCC’s Vice President, commented on the mobile integration. He said that the mobile access to CRM data is “a great force for us. We can see what business has been done with a client in the past.” He went on to say that the CRM applications allowed VCC employees to better organize data and increase business intelligence. Also, the system allowed the company to streamline access to customer information across six nationwide offices.

Mobile Edge and mobile CRM helped VCC modernize and expand. Alley said, the application “helped us attract new clients in a field where we’d not worked before and became a useful tool.” Alley explained that the investment in Mobile Edge was worth it because employees are more efficient. He said, “Time is money, and we were able to access information faster, organize it better and manipulate it to our benefit in more business.”

Overall, the transition to mobile integration drastically helped VCC. The Mobile Edge CRM app was completely worth it in the end, according to VCC employees.

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