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How to Gain Information about CRM: Conduct CRM Reviews Before You Make Your Purchase Decisions

So, you have a small business. Have decided to purchase CRM software for small businesses to help your business improve customer relations, close deals, generate repeat business, and help your company collaborate better?  Stop right now. Do you have the correct information about CRM?  Are all of those things really what you are trying to […]

The Many Options from Oracle CRM Products

Oracle is one of the largest software companies in the world.  They have literally changed the face of business computing with their industry leading relational database software.  They also are striving to be the number one applications company in the world, and one of their applications success stories includes the many ways the Oracle CRM […]

The Rewards of SalesLogix CRM

There are many CRM solutions available to you the customer.  With all the different options out there, it definitely can be overwhelming.  However, there are some big name companies out there with very high quality products at reasonable prices.  One of these options is SalesLogix CRM, offered by the Sage Group. Saleslogix CRM is a […]

SugarCRM 2010 Success Points to Strengths for Midsized Organizations

Boasting “success that gets out of the way,” SugarCRM, a global leader for growth in open source customer relationship management (CRM), was recently listed by Forrester Research, Inc., as the leading CRM vendor for midsized organizations. The SugarCRM 2010 success gives hope to other growing, small to mid sized businesses and organizations. After SugarCRM 2010 […]

Why Sage CRM Drives Results

In your quest for locating the right customer relationship management (CRM) solution for your business, you need to examine providers and solutions that deliver measurable results. This means you need to see real-world results being produced by the solution in an environment that can produce both before and after quantitative measurements. If that environment can […]

Chatter about Salesforce Chatter is one of the recognized CRM software providers.  The web has opened a whole new world of benefits to companies at a reduced cost. has capitalized on these opportunities and has become the leader in cloud computing ( see reviews), which has lead to many awards from different sources, like the Wall […]

The Top CRM Vendors of 2010

Acquiring and retaining customers is the top focus for businesses of all sizes; yet, the task has become more difficult as the global marketplace continues to change.  More complex sales and marketing schemes are needed to compete, making those activities harder to coordinate and manage.  Sales staffs must deal with multiple leads, customer service reps […]

Improving Customer Service with Client Relationship Management

Client relationship management software is proven to streamline and automate customer service functions.  It focuses on reducing costs and increasing revenue by building and maintaining client loyalty.  The best client relationship management software brings together all available data sources within and across the organization to produce a holistic view of each client in real-time that […]

What is Social CRM, and What Does it Mean for Your Business?

What is social CRM? Social CRM (sCRM) combines traditional CRM practices and capabilities with social networking and Web 2.0 technologies to help sales people identify quality leads, develop effective marketing campaigns, and collaborate with other sales and support staff to close more deals quickly. When asked ‘what is social crm?’ experts claim Social CRM to be […]

Using the Best Web-based CRM to Drive Performance

The best web-based CRM provide software solutions that implement the same “lean” concept that is prevalent in manufacturing operations. Web-based CRM enables businesses to leverage software that is more flexible and lightweight compared to other CRM solutions. Because of its low cost and reputation for achieving quick results,  web-based CRM has become popular with small- […]