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Top Complaints in Hospitality when Sales Force Automation Tools are Lacking

With an industry like hospitality, you would automatically assume that certain customer service initiatives would already be in place. Unfortunately, not all organizations leverage sales force automation tools to ensure they can uphold their customer service mission. If you are operating in the hospitality space, or any other industry that relies on customer sales to […]

Atmos Energy Deploys SFA Software to Centralize Data Management

Still haven’t made the leap to sales force automation software (SFA software)? You know how much benefit it can provide to your sales team, but you also know it will cost you some time to make the changes, deploy the solution and get everyone trained. Can you afford the downtime and will you lose revenue […]

Sales Force Automation Software on Helps 20/20 Companies Build Custom Applications

One of the best ways for you to decide on the right sales force automation software for your environment is to examine real-world applications where a particular platform is performing according to expectations. While it is essential that you compare your company with others with like environments; you can also consider success stories where sales […]

The Customer is changing how they buy! Have you changed how you sell to them?

It should come as no great surprise; technology has changed almost everything in our lives, and it has dramatically changed how our customers buy from us.  Today, our customers have a tremendous amount of second and third-party buying information available to them through various websites, social media sites and third-party consultants.  Buyers are using this […]

Finding the Right Tools for CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) software delivers a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic environment. With solutions available from a myriad of vendors and versions for companies of all sizes, selecting tools for CRM that will best benefit your company is a critical business decision. While the senior management should initiate the process by allocating necessary funding, […]

Improving the Customer Experience with CRM Tools

Today’s CRM tools have been designed to improve the customer experience as well as make the business transactions run smoothly. The idea of Client Relationship Management tools is to make the overall experience with the business and their customer a more pleasant one. If this is a goal you have established for your company, CRM […]

Microsoft CRM vs Salesforce CRM, What’s the Best Choice?

As the person in charge of making the decision between Microsoft CRM and Salesforce, how do you make this decision? You know that both are powerful and proven solutions in the field and both are backed by companies that are dominating the market. Vendors are going to tell you that their solution is the best […]

Leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Drive Customer Loyalty and Strong Revenue Streams

One of the goals in your search for a strong customer relationship management (CRM) solution should be its ability to help you to drive customer loyalty and strong revenue streams. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the best performing products in the vast expanse of the Microsoft portfolio. A key strong point for Microsoft Dynamics […]

Increasing Profits with CRM Software Applications

If you had a product available that could provide improved customer service results and productivity, would you want to know about it? Of course you would, that is why CRM software applications are so important. CRM software applications have had a major effect on the investments of companies in Europe as well as other locations […]

Optimizing the Power of

Once upon a time, small companies like yours could not make the investment in enterprise software that could link all departments for more effective customer relationship management. The capital outlay alone exceeded reasonable budgets and many small businesses were left with hodge-podge systems that required significant manual attention in order to streamline processes in such […]