SugarCRM 2010 Success Points to Strengths for Midsized Organizations

Boasting “success that gets out of the way,” SugarCRM, a global leader for growth in open source customer relationship management (CRM), was recently listed by Forrester Research, Inc., as the leading CRM vendor for midsized organizations. The SugarCRM 2010 success gives hope to other growing, small to mid sized businesses and organizations.

After SugarCRM 2010 success, looking at what sets SugarCRM apart can reveal processes that may help you differentiate what to look for in a CRM vendor for your mid-sized business. Listed below are some factors for what gave SugarCRM 2010 success.

SugarCRM 2010 Success: Diversity of Offerings

SugarCRM can offer you software for sales force automation, along with software for customer support, either as an on-demand deployed option or on-site. As a bonus, the tools are easy to use – a straightforward but very important element of a good CRM package. Sugar 6, for example, uses a Web 2.0 interface and most of the tools and steps you need can be done inside the application by just clicking. Another element that set SugarCRM apart, and gave SugarCRM 2010 success as a mid-sized CRM leader is that the source code for its applications is available for your own tech team to manipulate, so that you end up with a customizable tool that can deliver exactly what you’re hoping for.

SugarCRM 2010 Success: Lower Costs, Plus Flexibility

As packaged CRM applications go, SugarCRM can offer you a great deal of flexibility without a high cost. SugarCRM tools are compatible with the popular cloud computing platforms you may already be using, like Microsoft, Azure or Amazon EC2. Offering a lot of choice, at costs industry experts say are not extravagant, is a model to look for in your CRM vendor – be it SugarCRM or another option.

SugarCRM 2010 Success: Putting the Customer Back in Customer Service

Another element of SugarCRM 2010 success is its focus on the customer, and maintaining a strong and positive relationship. This means listening to you, the business leader. In its quest to meet customer needs, you can benefit from the numerous new applications SugarCRM has already implemented. Several thousand of your friends are downloading the options, especially SugarCRM’s on-site and cloud computing services. Resources like CRM Magazine and InfoWorld have taken notice, boasting about SugarCRM’s offerings.

SugarCR 2010 Success:Training Options from a Collaborative Approach

As an industry leader for CRM technology, SugarCRM offers training webinars often, and many online trainings can be viewed at your own pace. The organization has partnered with iZeno, Bhea and Levementum for training programs, to name a few. Even the web site can make you feel like part of the family, with informative, industry-related news releases and easy-to-view video demonstrations.

It could be SugarCRM’s willingness to join forces with other CRM industry leaders, on a global scale, that also helps set the organization apart from other CRM vendors. They say this approach to collaboration brings you a higher quality, more innovative range of the best web-based CRM products – and research firms seem to agree. So do more than 600,000 SugarCRM users on an international scale, and 6,000 customers who have selected the company’s on-site and cloud computing offerings.

Ultimately, the decision for choosing a CRM vendor is yours to make, based on your business needs and goals. However, keep SugarCRM 2010 success in mind. It’s nice to know that there are recognized industry leaders out there who are following some basic strategies that can bring you greater value – like diversity of offerings, active customer service, training options and appropriate pricing.