Using the Best Web-based CRM to Drive Performance

The best web-based CRM provide software solutions that implement the same “lean” concept that is prevalent in manufacturing operations. Web-based CRM enables businesses to leverage software that is more flexible and lightweight compared to other CRM solutions. Because of its low cost and reputation for achieving quick results,  web-based CRM has become popular with small- to medium-sized business. The best web-based CRM solution will help a firm manage their customers and find new clients, while supporting effective customer service. The industry has been improving web-based CRM functionality over the last several years and the newest versions feature powerful tools to make sales, marketing, and customer service more productive at a minimum of cost.

Web-Based CRM Features

One of the more desirable features you should look for in a web-based CRM package is an email auto-responder. Email is a cheap and effective way to communicate with customers to relay important messages, particularly for sales and service personnel, who need to relay responses to progress being made on specific problems or inquiries. Additionally, the automated email functionality enables you to easily manage complex drip marketing campaign and other email marketing blasts. The ability to automatically schedule and to set up responses to those emails can become a critical part of your marketing campaigns, and will enable you to mine your contact list and nurture leads more effectively.

Web-Based CRM also provides you with a contact database that lets you organize and reorganize your contacts at your leisure. Web-Based CRM contact functionality will feature basic functions such as customer search and look-up, calendars, to-do lists, tagging, and contact notes. More robust web-based CRM will also have functionality that includes web form builders, email campaigns, auto-responses, prospect and customer attachments, and opportunity assessments for cross and up selling. With these effective tools a business can drive performance and reach new clients at the lowest possible costs.

Additional Features of Web-Based CRM Software

The best web-based CRM software for companies with longer sales cycle, and perhaps includes more services than products, should include project tracking that enables the sales team to track, organize, and manage deals in any industry. These tools can also be used to identify best practices in sales and sales-related activities. These tools include analytics and reporting features that let you view all your sales information and enable you to see what sales practices are working and which aren’t. Additionally, the move towards social CRM has led many CRM software companies to incorporate those features into their solutions. This enables businesses to gain valuable insight into customers via social networks such as Twitter. With these enhancements in data mining, data collection and reporting, businesses are now able to drive sales and marketing efforts faster than ever before.

Benefits of Web-Based CRM

One of the greatest benefits of using the best web based CRM software is that the solution can be implemented in a fraction of the time required to install an in-house system. The company can gain all the advantages in days, not months, without anything being downloaded onto company computers. All that’s needed to use the CRM system is a computer with a web browser and an internet connection. Employees have the ability to work from home or on the road to keep in close contact with customers and clients. Employees can access their customer information on the fly and close deals faster than ever before. Industry specific solutions such as CRM for law firms, automotive CRM software,  Pharma CRM, and CRM for higher education have popped up as a result of the enhancements in mobility and web-based CRM software. Because no hardware or software is purchased, the best web-based CRM system offers great initial cost savings while offering the same benefits as more expensive “enterprise” solutions.

With web-based CRM in place, a business is in the perfect position to drive sales and performance from information derived from the software. New sales staff can quickly be brought up to speed on best sales practices with management having the tools it needs for a clear and concise evaluation of each and every employee. The best web-based CRM is easy to use and most employees can become experts with the system in a matter of days. Most vendors are even willing to give businesses a free trial run on their products so they can make sure that it’s the right solution for their company.

Web-based CRM is no longer a luxury beyond the reach of most small- and mid-sized businesses, it is a necessary tool needed to compete in today’s global marketplace.