CRM Articles

ClaritySoft Drives Cloud Computing CRM to the Skies

Leveraging CRM in the cloud has opened up a whole new world of options and opportunities for those vendors supplying the solutions, and those companies seeking the benefits of the platform. If yours is one of those companies, you will surely benefit from the broad array of cloud computing tools for CRM on the market. […]

CRM Packages Come in All Sizes, Including Microsoft Dynamics

As a platform that dominates the office environment, Microsoft is in a strong position to grab a significant share of the CRM market. As you evaluate CRM packages that may be right for your company, Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables Microsoft Outlook users to extend the value of their messaging and collaboration platform. Microsoft Outlook users […]

Top 3 CRM for Law Firms

CRM for law firms can be very important to for your practice. Ensuring that the CRM software is top quality is essential to running an efficient and productive Law Firm. After reviewing the top three CRM for law firms you may have a better understanding of which CRM vendor is right for your Law Firm […]

Social CRM – Thy name is SMART

CRM – As it evolved… Customer relationship management – The CRM buzz word started in early 90s has given rise to more than a dozen known vendors and many more small time application builders. Conceptually CRM’s approach is to effectively manage the relationship of the customer with the organization. Hence the target audiences for CRM […]

What are the Types of CRM Software – Time to Take a Closer Look

Chances are, you have heard of customer relationship management (CRM) software, but you may be a little unsure of what it means, the types of CRM software available, or what it can do for your company. If you really want to know what types of CRM software are out there, and what can benefit your […]

Compare CRM Software: How to Find Software that Delivers What Your Company Needs

Before you select the right client relationship management (CRM) software for your organization, you will have to include a step to compare CRM software. The good news is that most vendors offering CRM solutions will not only recommend this step, they will provide you with the technologies you need to be able to effectively compare […]

Using the Best CRM for iPad to Close Deals

Long before the rolling out of the iPad, salespeople have realized the potential benefits associated with having information at their fingertips. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs are powerful tools for sales teams to leverage on the field. This type of information was first attempted with PDA’s, the laptops, and then Blackberry’s. All of these had […]

Microsoft Upgrades CRM Cloud Computing to Challenge Oracle,

If you have paid attention to the technology sector at all, you’ve likely seen more than your fair share of references to cloud computing.  Add that platform with CRM and your mind may be swirling from the overabundance of information. How do you clearly define CRM cloud computing and what does it mean for your […]

SugarCRM has Quickly Become One of the Best CRM Software Vendors Today

One of the best CRM software providers today is SugarCRM. They pride their company on being a process solution and not a point solution. Becoming the best CRM software provider was no easy task because it is difficult to take customers, such as yourself, from spreadsheets to CRM processes. SugarCRM hit the market before other […]

A Look into the Top Five CRM Programs

The value of any customer relationship program (CRM) is only as good as the efficiency, productivity and effectiveness the solution provides. Looking into the top five CRM programs will provide insight on what to look for when selecting the right platform for your environment. Keep in mind that no solution is a true one-size-fits-all and […]