CRM Articles Reviews is the world’s number one sales application. Boasting 3 million customers, it truly is in a class by itself in the cloud computing CRM software world. It is nearly impossible to compare CRM software without checking out reviews. It is not the biggest because it is overpriced or under-performing. With a plethora of […]

Things to be Aware of When You Compare CRM Software

When you compare CRM software products there are many things you should look for to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. Cheaper is not always better and sometimes the most expensive one may not have all of the features that you want or need. Make sure that when you compare CRM software you […]

CRM Software Comparison: Sage SalesLogix vs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Most companies have caught on to the fact that customer resource management (CRM) software is not simply a luxury anymore. Understanding who your customers are, what their spending habits are like, when they will be buying next, what they will be buying next, and what makes them want to buy from you again and again […]

When you Compare CRM Products, Look for Cloud Extend

Active Endpoints has announced an early release to Cloud Extend for which is the first of a series of Cloud Extend products for CRM software applications that are offered as SaaS models. The Cloud Extend will allow sales companies to capture knowledge and sales patterns to enforce their consistence. This is a good quality […]

ACT! Sales Software: The Perfect Tool for Your Sales Road Warriors

Your sales reps are out on the road, calling on current and prospective customers and you want to give them everything they need to meet, and even exceed, their sales goals and your expectations. You’ve read everything you can get your hands on and you have some great platforms in place – but your sales […]

AlliedBarton Leverages Security Company Sales and Marketing Software to Maximize Marketing ROI

If you have not yet made the jump into sales management software, you may be missing out on key advantages in your sales department and optimized revenues and profits on all closed deals. Even better, you can leverage sales automation software through web based sales management to increase the number of deals closed for your […] Gave Avon Business Visibility

Businesses face challenges every day when it comes to aligning sales efforts with the corporate strategy. When your sales team is comprised of independent, home-based agents, a different dynamic enters the mix and a robust solution is necessary to provide visibility and sales success. To counter this challenge, gave Avon the ability to gain […]

Can’t Readily Forecast the Next Quarter? Implement Sales Tracking Software

You know how important sales forecasting is to the overall success of your business, yet you find it difficult to capture an accurate picture of how your sales reps are performing. Where is the breakdown in communication? Have you implemented robust sales tracking software to grab the information you need? Did you select a solution […]

Web Based Sales Management: Oracle Sales Automation Software Offers Deep Analysis

Deep analysis may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think sales, but maybe it should be if you want to stand out against your competition. Putting powerful sales force automation tools in place gives you the ability to have a powerful, web based sales management program. It not only allows […]

Rely on Sales Contact Management Software to Keep Customers and Management Happy

  There’s nothing quite like a sales rep – they not only have quotas to meet, they also have customers to keep happy and management to which they must answer. You may or may not have a sales background, but you have been put in charge of finding the right sales contact management software solution […]