The Top CRM Vendors of 2010

Acquiring and retaining customers is the top focus for businesses of all sizes; yet, the task has become more difficult as the global marketplace continues to change.  More complex sales and marketing schemes are needed to compete, making those activities harder to coordinate and manage.  Sales staffs must deal with multiple leads, customer service reps have to handle hundreds of calls daily, and management must oversee all of this to ensure customers receive the highest quality service.

CRM software was introduced in response to these challenges as a way to streamline all customer-related processes while increasing efficiency and effectiveness of customer transactions at all levels. There are many types of CRM solutions; the top CRM vendors of 2010 customize their solutions to fit the specific business needs their customers are looking to satisfy.

Choosing between one of the top CRM vendors of 2010 can be a difficult process as the differences between these vendors are as wide and varied as the businesses they serve. The top CRM vendors of 2010 specialize in a variety of solutions- for example, some specialize in enterprise solutions while others have functional specialties, such as marketing automation or customer service.  Many vendors offer software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that are geared toward small- to medium-sized businesses.  Regardless of a company’s specific needs, it is likely that one of the top CRM vendors of 2010 will provide useful solutions.

NetSuite CRM: One of the Top CRM Vendors 2010

NetSuite CRM was ranked one of the top CRM vendors of 2010. They are providers of the leading cloud-based computing management software in the world.  Their family of hosted CRM solutions can be implemented at the enterprise level or at a departmental level, such as in marketing or customer service.  Their solutions are ideal for businesses small to large and they feature an award-winning customer service team that commits to 24/7/365 response times.  Their product line is known for its quality and low cost, and their users consistently rate them highly in all phases of their business and software functionality.

SAP CRM: Leading as another Top CRM Vendor of 2010

As part of its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, SAP CRM provides one of the world’s best CRM solutions, either as a hosted service or as an on-site solution, and for both medium- and large-sized businesses. Their line of CRM product solutions is diverse, and can be deployed at the enterprise level or at the functional levels of marketing and customer service.

As one of the top CRM vendors of 2010, SAP’s CRM is used by more than 3,200 customers worldwide and is known for the insight it provides into customer relationships to maximize the effectiveness of each and every interaction.  Users of SAP solutions can better drive customer demand while executing best practices that retain customers by providing the best customer service possible.

Microsoft: Powerful CRM Vendor of 2010

Microsoft is another of the top CRM vendors of 2010 with both hosted and on-site solutions for business.  Their highly-customizable CRM software applications, Microsoft Dynamics, has the familiar Outlook user interface that makes adoption easy for staff or support personnel.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM can automate a company’s sales force, provide for superior customer service, and empower marketing teams with tools to maximize sales and improve customer satisfaction for small, medium, and large companies.  Since many companies already use Microsoft products, integrating Microsoft CRM into a business is simple and the learning curve for anyone familiar with their products is short.

Choosing the best CRM software for any company takes into account a number of different factors, such as budget, company size, and which parts of the business require optimization.  Regardless of the company’s business needs, the top CRM vendors of 2010 provide are only a few examples of CRM software solutions that improve all marketing and customer-facing functions and processes.