The Many Options from Oracle CRM Products

Oracle is one of the largest software companies in the world.  They have literally changed the face of business computing with their industry leading relational database software.  They also are striving to be the number one applications company in the world, and one of their applications success stories includes the many ways the Oracle CRM products can meet your needs.

Oracle prides itself on having an unmatched range of products.  This allows the family of Oracle CRM products to combine to make Oracle the number one CRM software dealer in the world.  Some of the Oracle CRM solutions have come directly from Oracle, while others have come from acquisitions of companies that had created their own strong performing CRM software.  Marrying those acquisitions into the Oracle CRM line of products has proven to strengthen the company in the eyes of its customers, allowing for comprehensive capabilities, customized solutions, and easy integration.

The Oracle CRM products that have originated with the company are Oracle CRM On Demand, Oracle E-Business Suite CRM, and Oracle Fusion Applications CRM.  The On Demand product is an easy to use subscription based CRM application.  It includes the standard operations expected with any web CRM solution like sales, marketing, contact management, dashboards, analysis, and full integration, but with innovation combining sales and marketing solutions only Oracle CRM customers can receive.

The E-Business Suite of Oracle CRM products is a set of applications designed to give you what you need most, accurate information.  Streamlined processes, strong data quality, and a single source for your people to get information from are just a part of this suite of products.  With over 50 specific applications, nearly everything on the sales, marketing, and customer service side of your business is covered.

The Fusion Applications CRM is the new gold standard for this type of software.  This comprehensive solution set from Oracle CRM drives better performance.  The upgraded user experience allows anyone on your sales team to access the information they need immediately.  It also is the most flexible software available.  Not only is it able to work with the rest of the Fusion set of applications, but also other Oracle CRM options can also use Fusion modules to improve sales performance and efficiency.

The final pieces of the full solution Oracle CRM product line are two products that have been acquired through the purchase of other companies.  PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM, and Siebel CRM.  Purchased from companies of the same name, each of these platforms is built on the expertise acquired at the respective former companies.  Oracle has successfully used these products to enhance their product line, and enhance their own products.

Finally, there are several extra options the Oracle CRM customers can choose from.  Oracle Social CRM uses the new web to get the rewards of Oracle CRM software, without the need for data entry.  Designed to intuitively work the way people do, these applications are a great way to increase productivity.  Tack on some mini modules called CRM Gadgets, and Oracle CRM solutions have you covered. Remember to compare CRM products to find the best solution for your business.