Chatter about Salesforce Chatter is one of the recognized CRM software providers.  The web has opened a whole new world of benefits to companies at a reduced cost. has capitalized on these opportunities and has become the leader in cloud computing ( see reviews), which has lead to many awards from different sources, like the Wall Street Journal. has proven time and again that they are the cloud computing powerhouse and recent additions to the Salesforce family, including Jigsaw and Salesforce Chatter, show why they are at the head of the pack.

The groundbreaking nature of Salesforce is based in its CRM tools, and the cloud computing nature of those applications. Sales Cloud is the top sales application in the world. Everything you could need is in place, with real-time access from anywhere in the world with web access. Service cloud is a platform designed to move customer service forward taking software as a service one step farther into your company’s information. This software allows for real-time information access to help keep agents everywhere informed and customers satisfied.

Other Salesforce innovations are the cloud infrastructure allowing you to build your own applications for HR, Finance, or whatever business need you have. Also available through Salesforce is Jigsaw that helps with lead generation and contact management. However, one of the newest parts of salesforce is its Salesforce Chatter function. Salesforce Chatter is a new and exciting way that customers can collaborate more effectively and close deals more efficiently.

Salesforce Chatter… So what’s the big deal?

With Salesforce Chatter, you can finally really use salesforce to collaborate with your employees from around the world. Salesforce Chatter features online profiles that allow those within your company to get to know each other better. Often your sales force is spread throughout the country and the world and rarely see each other. With Salesforce Chatter profiles, you can learn about your colleagues and learn where to go when you need help. Status updates, designed similar to social networking sites, are a new feature of Salesforce Chatter that allow you to update your colleagues on what you are doing, what you might need help on, and what you can do to help them.

Salesforce Chatter also allows your company to form groups and teams. These allow you to work more closely with that team and have easy access to each other throughout the sales or service process. Add to that easy file sharing between members of your group or the rest of your colleagues, and collaboration has reached a whole new level through Salesforce Chatter. The collection of these features even allows Salesforce Chatter to provide you with recommendations based on who you are connected with and what you are doing.

Other features of Salesforce Chatter include customizable options like analytics, for reports, and feeds, for the data that is most important to you, all in one place. Application updates and notifications are also a part of Salesforce Chatter, as well as security and sharing protocols, and more.

Claiming over 2 millions success stories, is the leader in CRM cloud computing. Saving their customers a lot of money and freeing up businesses to worry about their customers, and not their IT infrastructure has made a true pioneer in the realm of cloud computing, and specifically in CRM applications and beyond.