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How to use Social CRM Strategy to Improve Product Marketing: Part II

In this series of exploring the appropriate social CRM strategy to improve your product marketing, Facebook has been examined in-depth, providing you with some of the benefits of the platform, as well as challenges if not executed appropriately. As powerful as Facebook can be as a social CRM strategy, it is not your only option. […]

What to Expect from the Top CRM Software Solutions

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is one of the more common software packages that companies are adding to their portfolio. Customers the world over are seeing the improvements that the properly running top CRM software solutions are providing for their competitors. Not wanting to get left behind, these companies are getting in line to get […]

How to use Social CRM Strategy to Improve Product Marketing: Part I

With the power of social CRM (customer relationship management) in the market today, you can’t ignore this powerful approach to improving your product marketing. You can easily leverage a strategy like Facebook to create advocates for your products among the customer base. Facebook has a number of competitors in the social CRM strategy space, yet […]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Review : So What’s New?

Think you know Microsoft Dynamics CRM? There are some who may suggest that a quick glance at Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 introduces you to a few new features that have not been available to users in the past. The good news is that the latest version does offer the interface that is so familiar to […]

Social CRM – Is the Horse Strong Enough to Ride?

Introduction A few weeks back I wrote an article answering the question of What is Social CRM?, and how social CRM has taken shape and shared an idea of how it can be used in the health care industry. However, the more I think about proactively engaging the customer to build relationships and business, the […]

AT&T Recognizes Amdocs as Outstanding Supplier for Commitment to Excellence

How do you value the customer experience? Do you ensure that everyone in your organization is focused on delivering the best customer service possible? Do you track all of your interactions and then measure customer perception? Are you active on social media to measure your presence and encourage customers to act as advocates for your […]

AccountLink: The Easy Way to Achieve MYOB and CRM Integration

Do you need to achieve a successful MYOB and CRM integration? Well, AccountLink is the way to do it. If you are not sure what MYOB and CRM integration means, that does not actually mean you do not need AccountLink, you just might not know you need it. Just like when we were kids, MYOB […]

Seven Key Steps to Rolling Out a New CRM System

Even the most educated and computer savvy person can run into difficulties when it comes to following the steps to rolling out a new CRM system. Companies fear the change and often try and play it safe when it comes to implementing a new CRM system. There are seven basic steps to rolling out a […]

Cloud CRM Software Reviews: The Power of Zoho

The fun name of Zoho CRM masks the power this online platform can provide to your small business. Zoho has created a powerful free crm for the small- to medium-sized business (SMB) sector, providing key applications that were once only afforded the largest of enterprises. As captured in a number of cloud CRM reviews, platforms […]

Cloud CRM Reviews: NetSuite CRM+

How are you managing your customer contacts and sales processes? Are you struggling with a spreadsheet or maximizing the power of customer relationship management (CRM)? If you haven’t ventured into the cloud computing CRM space yet, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at what your company is missing. And, if you examine the […]