Does LeadMaster Provide the Best Web Based Lead Management?

The Web offers significant opportunities to identify and capture solid leads, but you generally need a little help. A number of companies offer solutions that allow you to capture and manage your leads, but do you really drive all potential value from these solutions? The best Web based lead management could easily be LeadMaster, but take a closer look at the pros and cons of this solution to see if it really is unique, or just another Web based solution wasting your time.

Why Do You Need the Best Web Based Lead Management?

It’s safe to assume you need the best Web based lead management simply because you need to spend your company’s money wisely, but why invest in lead management software at all? The sheer complexity of the road between lead generation and deal close demands a strategic management of the process, one that is difficult to achieve manually. Data from Yankee Group suggests that up to 80 percent of leads are lost or mismanaged at some point in the sales workflow – can you afford to waste time on that many leads that won’t amount to a closed deal? The best Web based lead management can help you significantly reduce that number.

LeadMaster Pros – is it really the Best Web Based Lead Management?

One of the key advantages to LeadMaster is that it enables you to manage more leads through your sales workflow. The oversight you gain in the lead tracking process ensures you keep key prospects in full view as they move through the sales cycle. When you implement leads into the LeadMaster platform, you build out a specific online database so you can manage leads captured from any number of sources, including telemarketing, Webinars, email, trade shows, landing pages, inside sales and more. These leads are automatically captured and consolidated for you. As LeadMaster is offered as the best Web based lead management in the cloud, you can access your leads and database from any web-enabled device at any time.

LeadMaster Cons – the Best Web Based Lead Management Challenged

While some will claim LeadMaster is the best Web based lead management solution available, it won’t work well in an environment where hosted solutions have not been embraced. Moving to a hosted offering when everything else within your organization is in-house for security or control reasons, moving your lead management to the cloud may not fit well within your environment. LeadMaster is only available as a hosted solution, lacking an on-premise deployment option. The automation of the lead capture capability can also be a challenge for your reps if they have a specific method for tracking and managing leads. LeadMaster, as the best Web based lead management solution, can streamline this process. The challenge is the adoption among sales reps that prefer more control over their own management processes.

The Extended Offerings in the Best Web Based Lead Management

LeadMaster claims to be the best Web based lead management software for a reason. This platform offers more than just the automated management of your leads. You can also leverage lead integration, nurturing, scoring, distribution, aging, analytics, strategy and more. Don’t settle for simply managing your leads or you still risk losing them somewhere between capture and close. LeadMaster allows you to take it to the strategic level by offering the deep visibility and integration necessary to turn the majority of your leads into opportunities and opportunities into closed sales.

Is the Best Web Based Lead Management Unique?

Any company offering lead management capabilities may promise to be the best Web based lead management offering, but do they offer a Web interface designed to work the same way your sales reps do. This approach should help to drive rapid adoption, but implement effective change management before implementation to ensure success.

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