5 Best CRM for Higher Education

State appropriations for higher education continue to dwindle in most regions, which means higher education institutions are becoming savvier about fund raising. More and more CRM for higher education is being developed to assist these institutions, particularly in marketing and campaign management and through work with alumni relations.

Intelliworks CRM for Higher Education

This CRM for higher education software allows the user to consolidate lists of students and alumni into one central database. It includes an e-mail marketing tool that tracks responses and calculates ROI. Student inquiries can be tracked and responded to immediately. An event management tool can handle invitations and reminders. A retention and advancement option facilitates “lifelong relationships” through an integrated student information system and course management system. The dashboard allows the user to see reporting and analytics of enrollment and campaign numbers as well as other data.

Talisma CRM for Higher Education

Talisma bills itself as a leading constituent relationship management solution for higher education. It’s software helps to improve recruiting, retention, automates admissions, enrollment, financial aid and help desk. Talisma CRM for higher education integrates e-mail, phone, chat and SMS text messaging with web services and a “system-wide knowledgebase.” One admissions director said the CRM for higher education allowed his university to redefine how they relate to students.

Hobsons Connect CRM for Higher Education

Students can be managed from application to enrollment with Hobsons Connect CRM for higher education. The product uses cross-media communication to build relationships, increases efficiency and tracks results. It also centralizes student recruitment and enrollment databases. One admissions counselor said a simple click can help route the communication flow that helps manage relations with each student. The software allows the user to set up the dashboard to show only the pertinent information about those student interactions.

Azorus CRM for Higher Education

The Azorus platform allows the user to be in control and build relationships regardless if you’re in marketing, recruitment, communications, or admissions. This CRM for higher education lets you track the effectiveness of your communications strategy and use social media intelligence to allow you to watch what’s being said about your institution. Azorus lets you grab the potential student’s interest; give them the information they want the way the are accustomed to receiving it. Azorus says that what’s automation to you feels like a one-on-one experience to the student. By giving students the ability to check on their own admissions process, this CRM for higher education makes students feel like they are in control.

PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM for Higher Education

The PeopleSoft product features integration with Campus Solutions, an integration package that allows student and employee information to be synchronized for accurate and secure analysis. The software serves small and large institutions, public and private. The company boasts that it is the only CRM for higher education software that serves students, alumni, faculty, and staff with access to real-time information that connects that data to specific actions. PeopleSoft tools can produce more qualified candidates in recruitment and identify at-risk students for quick resolution. This CRM for higher education software also offers 24/7 customer service through its service center.

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