The Many uses of a CRM iPhone App

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are great in-house as they allow your sales reps to capture and manage all information related to a contact or current customer. Is the same value delivered to the rep base if they are never in the office, but always on the go? The proliferation of mobile devices into the corporate environment has ignited the drive for enterprise mobility. With the increased use of the iPhone as the smartphone of choice, you have to be able to extend out the CRM iPhone app to ensure your sales reps have the tools they need in the field.

CRM iPhone App from Maximizer

Maximizer has long been a company focused on driving value in the CRM space. Understanding the push towards mobility and what your agents need in the field, this key provider offers the CRM iPhone app with wireless access. Real-time access to your entire CRM database is enabled through Safari or any preferred browser on the iPhone. Your sales reps can use this CRM iPhone app to update critical customer information in real-time. They’ll also gain access to calendar, tasks, contacts, sales opportunities, dashboards, and more. This CRM iPhone app was built for mobility, including access to maps and directions, as well as true monitoring of key performance indicators.

Maximizer CRM iPhone App in Action

One Maximizer customer, Corporate Cleaning Services Ltd., found out how powerful the CRM iPhone app can be on the go. The company reported an increase in the speed of response in addressing client issues. Crews working on a client site can even capture a picture of flooring material and send to support staff that can immediately provide a solution. This corporate cleaning business found out the value of the CRM iPhone app in real world scenarios.

CRM iPhone App from Salesforce

Salesforce aims to be the leading CRM provider in the world, demanding the company offer a CRM iPhone app. The company offers Mobile Lite, a free CRM iPhone app, and a full (for fee) version to extend out the capabilities of the Sales Cloud. Instant access through the CRM iPhone app allows your sales reps to take long calls, respond immediately to leads and access information needed about accounts or opportunities while on the go. This CRM iPhone apps includes instant access, point-and-click customizations, on or offline connectivity, Chatter mobile and dashboards and reports.

Proven Capability in CRM iPhone App from Salesforce

Financial services continue to be an industry of choice for smartphone and mobile devices. Ally Bank turned to Salesforce for access to a CRM iPhone app. As a result of this implementation, management gained greater control, the company can intelligently analyze data and calls are effectively logged and tracked. CRM iPhone app users can more easily find necessary data and reps can be more customer-focused.

CRM iPhone App Available from SugarCRM

While SugarCRM offers a CRM iPhone app, the company also embraces the opportunities of the iPad and has added this capability as well. This app enables your sales reps to work as effectively away from the office as they do while at their desk. Three mobile CRM solutions are available, yet Sugar Mobile is designed specifically for the iPhone. Using a native application, your sales reps can use this CRM iPhone app to access all CRM data.

Happy CRM iPhone App Customers

Internet-based pre-employment screening company, USA-FACT learned first-hand the value of the CRM iPhone app. By leveraging the full capabilities offered in the Sugar platform, the company was able to enjoy a 20 percent increase in revenue and a reduced sales cycle of three to six months to within a week of an inbound call. The quote generation process was also streamlined, enabling reps to stay on the road and close more deals.

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