5 Best Automotive CRM Software Solutions

In the world of automotive CRM software, too often a company will try to fit a square peg into a round hole. Not all CRM’s are made for automotive companies, and it is best if you find one that is. Below are five automotive CRM software options that you can trust for your business.

DealerSocket Automotive CRM Software

DealerSocket is the industry’s leading automotive CRM software solution. It was built from the ground up with dealers in mind and making processes smooth and efficient . Beginning with available marketing campaigns and templates to get you going, through to satisfied customers to help generate more marketing campaigns, this automotive CRM software solution has it all. Once the marketing campaign has someone interested in your dealership, DealerSocket’s inbound lead and appointment management, including showroom tracking, assists to make sure they are with the right person at the right time. It gives you visibility of your sales team and a dashboard for daily accountability. After the sale, you now have an easy way to encourage service visits with the service reminder feature and simplified service appointment management. Finally, should there be a problem, DealerSocket automotive CRM software has a module to help manage these to resolution. The only con really is with integration. Sometimes, getting old info into DealerSocket can be difficult, but that is not a problem exclusive to this automotive CRM software.

MotoSnap Automotive CRM Software

The claim to fame for MotoSnapTM automotive CRM software is the fact that there is no contract. This means it is super easy for you to try out without significant risk. Other benefits are that it is web-based software, so you do not have any downloads or extra servers needed, there are mobile capabilities so you can manage your leads with a smart phone, and there are bi-monthly product enhancements like recent integration with Carfax. The major con with MotoSnapTM Automotive CRM Software is that their customer service has consistently not met the standards of dealers across the country. The product is good, but if you have a problem, the service is lacking.

DealerPeak Automotive CRM Software

DealerPeak is one of the most comprehensive companies for a dealer to use, for more than just automotive CRM software. They have the ability to help with your website, CRM, desking, and inventory, all in one place. It is another web-bases automotive CRM software solution, but it is incredibly fast. It is customizable and has an added bonus of no per user fees. Two cons have recently been accounted for. There used to be some DMS integration concerns, but that process has been improved, and until very recently, there was no mobile CRM available. Now that those two options are repaired, it is tough to find issues with DealerPeak automotive CRM software.

Autobase Automotive CRM Software

The mantra for Autobase is all about using their automotive CRM software to drive profitability. After all, that’s what every dealer wants; more profits. They do this with a process that provides unmatched visibility. This visibility also promotes accountability, which in turn improves performance. Understanding that people are your best asset, Autobase gives them the information they need to close the sale, and then service it afterwards. Another strong feature is the ability for Autobase automotive CRM software to funnel leads into one program, and give you a clear understanding of which marketing investments are giving you the biggest returns. The biggest complaint is that there is no web functionality. Almost everyone has a cloud option, but so far Autobase does not.

Carbase.com Virtual Sales Manager Automotive CRM Software

Carbase.com is a relatively new player in the automotive CRM software market. They were founded as a company that wanted to make the best automotive websites around. Realizing that website leads should easily integrate with a CRM program, they set out to make a robust automotive CRM software solution, and they called it Virtual Sales Manager. What makes their solution so great is the amount of services you get, all at one cost. Literally everything you can think of that automotive CRM software providers offer to their customers is included in the cost of Virtual Sales Manager. Perhaps the most useful tool is the desking module. This tool makes tracking the progress of every customer contact quick and easy, and like everything else, it is included. The biggest con is that not too many people have experience with the software, so the bugs have not been worked out. That said, the value is extensive, and the service is top notch. So, whatever problems do arise will likely by fixed in short order.

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