What are Aloha Apps?

Just when you thought Salesforce.com had extended all possible value in its AppExchange, the company launched Aloha Apps. This unlimited application category touts the promise of an “all-you-can-app” platform. This category was launched by the leading cloud CRM company in the Spring of 2010 and provides more than 500 different apps that won’t count against the limits on your system, regardless of your Salesforce.com edition. Take a look at the top three Aloha Apps according to downloads through the AppExchange.

DupeCatcher Found in Aloha Apps

Duplication in your content is never a good thing as it wastes time and space. In standard customer relationship management (CRM) and other sales tools – including salesforce.com – it’s easy to duplicate content when multiple reps are working on the same account or information is haphazardly entered into the platform. The DupeCatcher in Aloha Apps allows you to identify and delete duplicate accounts, leads and contacts at the point of entry. You won’t lose any data in the process, but you can easily clean the data you have, while also blocking further duplication. This offering in the Aloha Apps will run in the background of your Salesforce.com CRM to help prevent duplication and analyze repeat data to identify problem areas.

Aloha Apps Include Email Integration

One pain point identified by Salesforce.com users is a lack of clean integration with email clients. The iHance email integration app allows your sales reps to automate email logging, lead generation and the creation of contacts, while also supporting the Social Enterprise. Your entire sales team can use this app for clear visibility into all customer interactions taking place across email. As a popular offering in Aloha Apps, this email integration capability will work with all email systems, including mobile platforms. As an offering in the Aloha Apps segment of the AppExchange, iHance can be extended with the Email Uploader or Vision.

Get LinkedIn in Aloha Apps

The Social Enterprise is embracing the opportunities through social media and Aloha Apps is extending this capability to Salesforce.com users. The idea here is to gain the insights you need through this popular social media platform so you can close deals faster. This app allows you to integrate your CRM intelligence with LinkedIn to gain more insight into your contacts and key accounts. You can capture professional histories, accounting information, profiles of potential customers that may resemble current customers. Your sales reps can also get connected with customers and contacts, capturing real-time updates to respond accordingly. LinkedIn is known as the world’s largest professional network, making it a must-have location for your sales data. With this deeper intelligence, you not only build out relationships with your contacts, you identify others with strategic connections.

Aloha Apps – Why are they Important?

The primary focus for Aloha Apps is to extend the value of your Salesforce.com platform. You already know the reach and power Salesforce offers to your sales team, but why not take this capability to the next level?  You need to focus on leveraging a competitive advantage so you can identify more leads, capture more opportunities and close more deals. The greater your capabilities in capturing clean data, communicating with contacts and making the right connections, the more power you have to drive the revenue you want.

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