Lithium Technologies and Genesys Partner Up To Optimize Social CRM Strategies for Customer Support

Today, more than ever, companies must better understand their client and manage the quality of their customers’ experiences. Lithium Technologies and Genesys are working together to integrate Lithium’s community platform with Genesys’ Customer Service Software. The goal is to extend the social networking capabilities of Genesys and deliver an improved customer experience by incorporating community as an integrated online channel, preserving continuity of service and driving contact center efficiencies.

With Genesys and Lithium Technologies in their respective expertise of customer interaction management and building of customer communities and networks, enterprises can utilize this integration to monitor and address customer issues outside of the traditional contact center and better understand conversations taking place across the customer community.

Lithium can flag community activities that require enterprise attention and the Genesys software suite can then determine the business value and priority and assign that interaction to the ideal resource, be it in the contact center or beyond. For example, if a post from a gold customer has gone unresolved for 24 hours, an alert would automatically escalate it to an agent for immediate attention. The combined solution seamlessly integrates social channels with traditional CRM to provide dynamic customer engagement.

Some key benefits provided from this joint solution by unifying cross-channel conversations and delivering a consistent experience as customers transition from the forum to voice and non-voice channels; reducing support costs over 40 percent by allocating a company’s most valuable resources to higher value business tasks while the community handles lower value postings; driving intelligent analytics and insights into customer behavior; creating a more profitable customer experience and multi-channel choice for customers; and increasing the corporate knowledge base from community interactions and responses.

The integrate solution will be showcased at LiNC – Lithium Technologies’ annual customer conference – May 12-14 in San Francisco. Enterprises can learn more about this solution to harness their resources in the Contact Center and beyond to avoid leaving the “socialsphere” unattended.

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  1. Paul Roberts says:

    A very exciting announcement. With the emergence of social technologies, community is now a hugely important customer touch point!

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