Ciboodle’s Social CRM Solution Released – An Innovation in Customer Support?

Sword Ciboodle, a customer relationship management (CRM) business software provider, today released Ciboodle Crowd, a new social CRM solution designed to bring together customer service and social networking. With Ciboodle Crowd, organizations can set up online social communities in which customers can discuss ideas with each other or the organization itself.

The social CRM application allows customers to collaborate with each other through forums to resolve issues or queries. Through the familiar medium of forums and social networking, users can find solutions with crowd-sourcing ingenuity. Minor issues can be fixed with little effort on the business’s part, and perhaps even larger problems can be solved collectively. If any question is still left unanswered by the online community, then the company representatives receive an automated notification and can step in.

Ciboodle Crowd fully integrates with other Ciboodle CRM software applications. The platform allows organizations to create online communities tailored to meet their specific needs, with social networking features that include forums, blogs, discussion boards, and Q&A threads.

This sort of social networking may also build greater customer loyalty. The ROI of Online Customer Service Communities, Forrester Research reports that community members “buy more, to the tune of up to 40%; they also buy more often, and for longer periods of time than non-community users.”

Paul White, CEO of Sword Ciboodle in the Americas, states that this CRM model acknowledges the new social media customers are accustomed to and seeks to move beyond traditional CRM with its incorporation. “Our community based software enables the agent to contribute or add insight to the social customer’s experience while, at the same time, customers can collaborate and interact with each other to share experiences and viewpoints. Sword Ciboodle is committed to empowering organizations to consistently, effectively and profitably service customers in real-time across any channel, and Ciboodle Crowd fulfills this mission as the final piece of our ‘customer engagement continuum.’”

Ciboodle Crowd is described as part of a fundamental shift in customer support: orienting service around the customer base.

The Ciboodle product was first showcased to the industry during the June 2010 Gartner Customer 360 Summit.

About Sword Ciboodle:

A member of the Sword Group, Sword Ciboodle provides CRM solutions to enterprises and organizations worldwide. The company is an industry leader in customer-centric business technology. More information can be found at

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