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Social Networking Brings CRM to New Industries

The rapidly increasing popularity of social networking platforms is news to no one. Twitter was steadily drawing users at the beginning of 2009 and then exploded since Oprah joined in April, and names like Facebook and LinkedIn are more and more familiar in the household. This proliferation of social networking is not just for the […]

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Microsoft CRM Announces New Templates

Not even two weeks into September and Microsoft Dynamics has announced specialty accelerators for its CRM platform—there will soon be Education, Insurance, and Non-Profit templates—as well as a social networking accelerator. Using xRM, the new development platform for relationship-tracking applications, three new mission-centered Microsoft CRM templates were created: the Education and Insurance models are catered […]

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Social CRM the Next Big Thing?

The growing popularity of major social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn has caught the attention of many CRM providers. What draws users to these sites could be extremely important in the design of future CRM applications. The ability to mirror these popular sites and create similar features could result in an extremely […]

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