CRM Apps are Plentiful in Google Marketplace

In recent years, businesses have been seeking out ways to reach out to their customers and build relationships with them. Several companies, including and Zoho, have been developing customer relationship management (CRM) applications so that companies can connect to their customers in a productive manner. Google’s App Marketplace offers a wide range of CRM applications and recently called attention to the top installed apps on its Enterprise Blog.

Businesses have different needs and different ways they want to approach their customers, so Google broke up the CRM applications into three different categories- CRM, Social CRM, and Project-Based CRM.

Their CRM app list include apps that focus on selling and serving customers. The list includes Zoho CRM, an app to manage leads and contacts, Applane CRM, one that manages the sales cycle, and Capsule CRM, a way to keep track of customers and follow-ups. The CRM list also includes TimetoNote, a way to collaborate and share contacts, and Tactile CRM, a way to track the companies you do business with and how to grasp opportunities.

The Social CRM list included those apps that focused on collaborative customer conversations via social network sites, like Facebook. The list includes Batchbook, an app that monitors social network leads, Bantam Live, which has a social workspace for collaboration, and Gist, which provides a full view of your contacts. The list also has Rapportive, which searches the social web for leads, and Etacts, which manages leads and contacts.

The project-based CRM list is for apps that focus on project collaboration pre and post sale. Insightly is a proposal and project management application on the list. Also on the list are Solve 360 CRM, which manages client projects for small teams, and Smartsheet pipeline, which has sales and service templates.

Evaluate the apps further with the detailed overview on Google’s Enterprise Blog. They can be very useful for managing and connecting with prospective or current customers. Improve sales and customer satisfaction with CRM applications. Google’s marketplace is continuously updated and adding new CRM applications, so check back frequently to see if there are any that are right for your company.

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  1. David Russon says:

    Yes. The App marketplace has also helped me find a great simple CRM called PipeJump –

    In general – I think that there are great apps there that you can find. Definitely worth to check it out.

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