CDC Pivotal Social CRM 6.0 Was Launched Today

Today, InsideView Inc., a leading social media and CRM solutions provider, announced the integration of their revolutionary SalesView software into The Customer-Driven Company’s (CDC) Pivotal Social CRM 6.0 module.

CDC Software is an enterprise software provider whose new application will integrate a variety of sites and applications so that companies can acquire the leads and sales intelligence that they need to prosper. InsideView’s SalesView software is included in the application. Salesview helps businesses find sales leads through discovered sales opportunities from social media and other sources.

The new CDC Pivotal Social CRM 6.0 will integrate sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and BlogSearch. The goal of the application is to allow users to view all of the social media information within one application, instead of having to access several different applications or websites. This will increase simplicity and productivity, thereby improving social customer relationship management (CRM).

The CDC Pivotal Social CRM 6.0 will also help users track relationships between a company’s prospect or current customers. Also, companies can see their complete social network in one click, allowing them to process customer feedback faster. Businesses can manage corporate events through Facebook and they can collaborate with their customers and employees through Twitter.

“Our new solution can also help our customers find new sources for high quality leads, provide key sales intelligence to help personalize and target sales marketing programs, facilitate the closing of more deals and ultimately help them deliver better customer service,” said Jason Rushforth, president of CDC Software’s Front Office product line business.

InsideView’s software will help with the sales intelligence aspect of CDC’s product. Marc Perramond, director of product management at InsideView, commented on the integration of SalesView with the CDC Pivotal Social CRM 6.0. He said, “Tapping into social media insights for sales productivity is a key tenet of any Social CRM deployment. Knowing the most about your leads and prospects is imperative in today’s sales profession…We are pleased to be a part of the new CDC Pivotal Social CRM 6.0 module.”

CDC launched their social CRM module today.

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