Why Your Company Needs To Embrace Social CRM

Social CRM isn’t just another social media buzzword, it’s a central concept that businesses need to understand deeply and integrate fully in order to serve the social customer. But in order to fully embrace social CRM, businesses need to know what it entails.

Who is the social customer? The social customer consumes information and learns about breaking news through media like Twitter and Facebook, favoring what their network has curated and deemed as important information. They learn about new brands and products through social channels and trust their social network to provide honest feedback about it. The social customer responds well and is open to relevant information but not SPAM or overly promotional tweets. Listening and engagement are important between a business and their social customer. In fact, it is expected that everyone that they talk to from your company should have the same background on their issue (AKA everyone on your team better be informed of what’s going on with this particular customer).

Sure, it seems the social customer is demanding, but in reality, in terms of social CRM, they own the relationship and businesses need to earn their trust.

Social CRM is designed to engage the customer in a collaborative conversation in order to provide a mutually beneficial value in a trusted and transparent business environment. Social CRM is the tools and processes that encourage better, more effective customer interaction and leverage the collective intelligence of the customer community with the intended result of increasing intimacy between an organization and their prospective and current customers.

Adding a Facebook page or Twitter account doesn’t equate social CRM. Your organization needs to know how to maintain a two-way conversation whether it’s a positive or negative experience. Social engagement must be enterprise-wide to be most effective. Being transparent, taking risks and providing a “no-matter-what-it-takes” kind of service is what you’re customers are going to love and trust your business for. And only then can you really master and fully embrace all that social CRM has to offer.

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