Why Use Social CRM?

Social CRM is a way of bringing companies back to a customer’s level. The ease of online social networking brings individuals together while isolating businesses that are not up to date. Social CRM is a tool to regain control and a voice in the conversation.

Modern social CRM is a new development in that it involves contemporary media and networking. Past CRM has been about restructuring data for efficient customer relations. That isn’t enough in the contemporary business world.

Confusion over social CRM’s value and definition is expected as it is an expansion into a new social space. That does not mean it is to be neglected. Using social CRM is a necessity. Companies well-versed in social CRM are able to connect to their consumers sooner and more closely.

As it is, social CRM can be broken down into three components, as defined by social CRM consultant Esteban Kolsky. Social media is short-term changes. Social CRM is making strategic, long-term goals. Social business is the long-term process of company reorganization to improve customer relations.

Access starts with CRM software. The spike in social media monitoring tools demonstrates its necessity. CRM  allows for efficient management of stored customer data. Beyond this application, it brings connectivity to cloud computing, the social network around the customers. This brings critical information customized for each client that would not come up otherwise or would be presented inefficiently from various collections of spreadsheets. As a SaaS (software as a service), CRM saves time from within the cloud.

This is a benefit on the customer’s end as well. Through efficient business portals, customers are allowed 24/7 access to product services and information. They can also post their own ideas, comments, and votes in a forum similar to the online social networking scene.

Companies that begin today with social CRM will be better off in the future in the ever-expanding market of social networking.

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