Customer Process Management

Customer Process Management is the process of integrating BPM and CRM technologies. The genesis of CPM can be traced to the efforts of companies to automate routine operational activities which led to the development of standalone BPM.

However, integrating disparate automated functionalities was not sufficient if companies wished to keep up with the ever rising consumer expectations. The objective of CPM is to ensure that processes take into account customer preferences and can be repeated to provide personalized and efficient service.

CPM allows businesses to optimize processes and cull the most relevant information from the CRM database such that a customer-facing process can be executed with maximum effectiveness. It also results in all departments in an enterprise operating on the same wavelength with respect to CRM. says:

First and foremost, customer processes are dynamic. With conventional applications, the control to create and evolve processes resides with the IT department. The programming of processes and business rules takes time and resources, and competes with other IT priorities.

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