Silentale Opens Up CRM Tool to the Public

Paris-based company, Silentale, is opening up their services for public consumption. Silentale, the self-proclaimed “Dropbox for communications”, is a personal CRM system. The system gives users access to searchable backup of contacts, messages and attachments across various communications channels, including email and social media networks. The interface is simple to use and intuitive, facilitating the process of retrieving and managing information in your browser. Silentale was designed to bridge the gap between electronic communication mediums and eliminate fragmentation.

No longer in private Beta mode, the CRM solution comes with two options, a free and paid version.  The free version, not quite as fancy as the premium of course, provides users with 5 account services and 6 months of message imports. The premium offer which is being rolled out on June 1st, offers up to 10 accounts and the ability to import 2 years of messages for $49/year. For businesses, Silentale offers a $99/year premium plan that supports 20 accounts with unlimited import capabilities.

Since launching in private beta, the company claims to have processed over 50 million messages and 10 million contacts. The company is aiming its marketing efforts at individual users, but private beta testing has shown that individual users only archive data from an average of 4 accounts, which would fall within the free version. The data suggests that perhaps the company should focus on targeting businesses and enterprises, instead of individual users.

The company offers an API for third-party developers as well as Firefox add-ons that show a contact’s information and the latest messages exchanged while viewing an email from the contact or browsing their profile on social media websites. Additionally, the company has announced plans to launch iPhone, Android and Outlook plug-ins soon.

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