Idea2 Releases CRM on Google Apps Marketplace

Recently, Idea2, a provider of cloud CRM solutions for small and medium businesses (SMB), announced that their SMB CRM would be available through the Google Apps Marketplace. Idea2’s cloud CRM solution improves customer retention and acquisition by easily arranging customer data and accelerating information flow.

Idea2’s integration with Google Apps provides SMB CRM solutions with the sophistication of large scale enterprise CRM deployments. This cloud CRM solution offers SMBs a better way to manage their customer data, and offers an unparalleled service of data organization than traditional CRM solutions.

Grace Shroeder, CEO of Idea2, discussed the impact that Idea2’s cloud CRM solution would have for SMBs. She said, “We created Idea2 to be more than just another CRM package. Because you can easily create new sections to keep track of any data, Idea2 makes it easy to organize and centralize customer impacting data that might be sitting in spreadsheets, old databases that are not accessible on the internet, or in filing cabinets. Our cloud computing model makes us an excellent fit for the Google Apps Marketplace which offers us a tremendous opportunity to reach the vast number of small and medium sized businesses that need us most.”

With its Google integration, users of Idea2’s cloud CRM can easily integrate with Gmail and Google Calendar, increasing efficiency for SMBs already operating through Google’s services. Users can leverage the Idea2 SMB CRM and Google Calendar integration by ensuring that Idea2 tasks and activities are being properly managed by sending alerts and push notifications to browsers and mobile devices.

Scott McMullan, Google Apps Partner Lead, was thrilled about the addition of Idea2 cloud CRM to their marketplace for SMBs. He said, “Through the Google Apps Marketplace, software vendors like Idea2 are helping us build a rich ecosystem of integrated apps that work seamlessly with Google Apps, allowing IT administrators to leverage the benefits of cloud computing and extend Google Apps to meet more of their business needs. We are excited to make CRM easier for the millions of Google Apps users who have embraced the cloud.”

To find out more about Idea2’s cloud CRM solution for SMBs visit the Google Apps Marketplace.

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  1. Ronney says:

    i think this is a wonderful addition in the CRM business, as mentioned a lot of small business today already use goggles online tools and integration of these applications will further boost growth and convenience,we need much more innovations like these to make our CRM systems more smarter and more convenient.

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