vTiger Arrives in the UK

Recently, it was announced that vTiger, a provider of free open source CRM, will be teaming up with the Open Learning Centre to deliver CRM on demand to organizations in the UK.

vTiger’s free CRM solution provides a complete set of CRM capabilities such as sales force automation, marketing automation, activity management and customer support and service, but its open source platform gives it an added level of flexibility to fit the needs of any business.

The open source CRM is ideal for any small to medium sized business(SMBs)  looking to deploy a free CRM solution. Alan Lord, joint owner of OLC, stated that vTiger offered significant cost benefits compared to other available software. He said, “It costs just £10 per user per month and importantly, there is only one version of vTiger – the full version.” He went on to continue, “We offer nearly all the functionality as proprietary solution but a lot cheaper. Look at Salesforce: its headline rate is $50 per person, which sounds reasonable, but as soon as you want to do anything interesting, it gets expensive quite quickly.”

vTiger’s free CRM solution stemmed from the same roots as the popular SugarCRM, but has maintained a much more liberal license. With a huge network of developing partners, vTiger’s open source CRM is able to provide the lowest total cost of ownership for SMBs and benefits organizations by minimizing support and customization costs.

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  1. Cyril says:

    VTiger is indeed in the UK now, several companies are already in negotiation and testing the capablities of VTiger. Within this year, we believe that the implementation of this will be in full swing.

  2. VTiger is really one of the smartest choice for a system, and it’s really wonderful that it is now being introduced in the UK. We done some comparison and VTiger’s features are really helpful in an organization.

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