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Top Sales and CRM Apps From Salesforce, SAP and More

Salespeople have to stay on the move to make the deal, and now have more freedom than ever to do so. Mobile devices can come with tools to help at every moment of the sales process, from pulling up important lead information from CRM systems to displaying business statistics. Here are four innovative sales applications […]

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South Africa Turns To Salesforce CRM to Handle World Cup 2010 Traffic

Even South Africa, where only 10.8% of the population uses internet, needs to be operating in the cloud. With the influx of 300,000 soccer fans for the 2010 World Cup, South African Tourism, the lone customer service company catering to the masses, has turned to for a CRM solution. The government-licensed office had in […]

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Hubspot/Salesforce Marketing Tool Case Study: Viridity

Viridity, an energy consumption management software provider, plugs for Hubspot inbound marketing integrated with  The small company of 11-25 employees saw enormous lead generation growth in the 8 months of using Hubspot Large. Jason Bailey, Viridity’s multimedia specialist, states that the company’s lack of integrated marketing tools was a hindrance. Now, on their website, […]

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Microsoft, Customer Care, and Health Insurance Companies

As announced last week at America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) conference in Las Vegas, Microsoft will release its Health Plan Sales Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that would allow health insurance plans to move online. The Health Plan Sales Solution is described as a platform allowing for […]

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PBworks Releases Customer Relationship Edition

PBworks, a leading provider of hosted collaboration solutions for companies, launched a PBworks Customer Relationship Edition today.  This edition is a more interactive CRM solution where professionals and customers can collaborate on shared online workspaces. While PBworks has a solid record in CRM solutions, this new edition is much more engaging and collaborative.  The customer […]

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A Peek at Things to Come: Chatter for the Android

Android is quickly catching up to its competitors in the Applications arena.’s has launched a Chatter Developer Challenge, and programmer Jeff Douglas has created a Chatter Android App. The Chatter application for Android was built on the platform and uses Remote Access Applications with 3-legged OAuth for security. With the […]

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ByAllAccounts Partners with Ebix CRM

The financial sector has new CRM sheriffs in town… ByAllAccounts Inc, an account aggregation service company, will be partnering with Ebix CRM. ByAllAccounts is used by several financial advisors for their services because of the software’s ability to aggregate all client data and integrate seamlessly with management platforms. Ebix CRM provides CRM solutions for the […]

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HubSpot API Opens Up CRM Options

HubSpot Inc. announced their launch of HubSpot Leads, currently in beta mode, that is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. HubSpot is a provider of internet marketing software that helps businesses build up their client base and online presence. HubSpot has tools in their CRM software that facilitate lead generation, search engine optimization, blogging, analytics […]

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Hoover’s Expands Contact Record Base with and Access Hoovers 3.0

Hoover’s Inc. announced updates to its Access Hoover’s 3.0 thanks to’s AppExchange 2. Hoover’s will be expanding their database of enterprises from 65 million to 85 million. Hoovers is a business solutions provider that provides its users with insight and information about companies, industries and key decision makers. “Access Hoovers is one of the […]

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