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Hubspot/Salesforce Marketing Tool Case Study: Viridity

Viridity, an energy consumption management software provider, plugs for Hubspot inbound marketing integrated with Salesforce.com.  The small company of 11-25 employees saw enormous lead generation growth in the 8 months of using Hubspot Large. Jason Bailey, Viridity’s multimedia specialist, states that the company’s lack of integrated marketing tools was a hindrance. Now, on their website, […]

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HubSpot API Opens Up CRM Options

HubSpot Inc. announced their launch of HubSpot Leads, currently in beta mode, that is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. HubSpot is a provider of internet marketing software that helps businesses build up their client base and online presence. HubSpot has tools in their CRM software that facilitate lead generation, search engine optimization, blogging, analytics […]

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