ByAllAccounts Partners with Ebix CRM

The financial sector has new CRM sheriffs in town…

ByAllAccounts Inc, an account aggregation service company, will be partnering with Ebix CRM. ByAllAccounts is used by several financial advisors for their services because of the software’s ability to aggregate all client data and integrate seamlessly with management platforms. Ebix CRM provides CRM solutions for the insurance and financial services industry. The collaboration will provide users with advanced account aggregation through ByAllAccounts software and valuable financial advice from Ebix’s CRM software. The partnership has yielded in a product called SmartOffice Premier Edition which is designd to address every need of growing advisory firms.

“As investors demand more transparency from their advisors, we’re seeing related demand from RIAs for new ways to deliver timely, accurate advice and streamline reporting,” said President of ByAllAccounts, James Carney. “By partnering with Ebix, we’re answer that demand by integrating powerful account aggregation within a familiar workflow that advisors already know, trust and use every day.”

“Thousands of advisors use SmartOffice to manage and grow their practive. a ByAllAccounts data aggregation service adds further value by bringing client asset information into SmartOffice,” said Senior VP at Ebix, Dale Okuno.

SmartOffice gives users the ability to manage multiple lines of business and a large number of clients from anywhere, anytime. The hybrid CRM and account aggregate software also increases the personal level of service that clients expect from their financial advisor. SmartOffice is easy-to-use and facilitates relationships between businesses, people, processes and systems.

The partnership of ByAllAccounts and Ebix CRM will help both companies provide their users with solutions that optimize business processes and foster strong client relationships.

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