PBworks Releases Customer Relationship Edition

PBworks, a leading provider of hosted collaboration solutions for companies, launched a PBworks Customer Relationship Edition today.  This edition is a more interactive CRM solution where professionals and customers can collaborate on shared online workspaces.
While PBworks has a solid record in CRM solutions, this new edition is much more engaging and collaborative.  The customer is more involved and they are treated like a partner instead of an insignificant client.  PBworks decided to take something that already worked and make it even better because the company prides itself for its customer service management solutions.
The PBworks Customer Relationship Edition is ideal for businesses because they can use the product to share documents and files with their customers, set meeting agendas, take detailed notes, communicate with built-in chat and teleconferencing, write and revise important content with the customers, and even track customer interactions to improve their experience.
The PBworks workspace is an easy-to-use program that helps businesses run smoother.  Steve Grant, the President of the technology consulting firm Objective Arts, said, “Our sales process is very interactive, and PBworks gives us the environment we need to collaborate with our prospects to get a deal done. Using PBworks as part of the sales process helps us reduce the sales cycle and increase our sales.”
This new CRM solution is focused on high-value sales and increased collaboration.  The program will be particularly helpful for companies with high-value clients, such as law firms, consultant agencies, and other similar organizations.
The PBworks Customer Relationship Edition will include unlimited storage for documents and files, search options, mobile editions, and 24/7 customer service.
The Customer Service Relationship Edition will be available at a starting price of $30/month for each user.

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