HubSpot API Opens Up CRM Options

HubSpot Inc. announced their launch of HubSpot Leads, currently in beta mode, that is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. HubSpot is a provider of internet marketing software that helps businesses build up their client base and online presence. HubSpot has tools in their CRM software that facilitate lead generation, search engine optimization, blogging, analytics and social media.

HubSpot API, the company’s newest CRM tool, enhances the interoperability between HubSpot’s lead capture and any CRM software to create a closed loop marketing initiative. This is the first platform in a family of HubSpot Application Programming Interfaces (HAPI) that will give developers the ability to create innovative marketing applications.

HubSpot users can already enjoy closed loop marketing analytics with, but the new CRM tool will help customers extend the option to other CRM systems. With HubSpot Leads API, users can streamline their marketing and sales processes which will increase ROI.

HubSpot Leads API CRM tool has plans to develop integrations for SugarCRM, NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM as well. The CRM systems will be part of HubSpot’s Certified Partners program. HubSpot Leads API are also developing a mobile leads application for the Android that gives users remote access to leads and contact information.

“The availability of this API is going to open things up for all our clients who have been eager to connect the dots between their marketing and sales efforts,” said HubSpot partner, Daniel Lynton. “We’ve already implemented the beta API for three clients using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It is working great so far and will solve a lot of workarounds that marketers have traditionally used, giving them visibility into marketing ROI.”

HubSpot Leads API gives users the ability to rely on one consistent source of data for their marketing initiatives. Developers can use HAPI to create unique applications that are relevant to their specific business. HubSpot’s CRM integration tool will also expose other applications and data sets to existing content and blogging systems.

“At HubSpot, we are building marketing stars who must have full visibility into the sales return on their marketing investments,” said CEO of HubSpot. “The Leads API is how we can give this critical business intelligence to our entire customer base, regardless of their choice of CRM. HAPI extending the entire product will ultimately provide a foundation for marketers to transform their entire marketing exosystem.”

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