Hoover’s Expands Contact Record Base with Salesforce.com and Access Hoovers 3.0

Hoover’s Inc. announced updates to its Access Hoover’s 3.0 thanks to Salesforce.com’s AppExchange 2. Hoover’s will be expanding their database of enterprises from 65 million to 85 million. Hoovers is a business solutions provider that provides its users with insight and information about companies, industries and key decision makers.

“Access Hoovers is one of the most popular applications on Salesforce.com’s AppExchange 2,” said Chief Marketing Officer at Salesforce.com, Kendall Collins. “The new features and functionality contained in Access Hoover’s 3.0 will help customers who need greater depth of insightful business information and more time-saving functionality.”

Hoover users now have access to more companies and people, thereby enhancing their CRM initiative. Hoover’s can now also map industries as well. Hoover customers will be able to optimize their sales strategy thanks to the Salesforce.com database. Along with an extended customer base, Hoover users will be able to generate more leads and close sales faster.

Hoover’s 3.0 with Salesforce.com has updated duplication alerts so that customers can duplicate records that are identified by exact name match. With enhanced organizational tools, sales team can focus on unique leads instead of sifting through duplicates.

The new CRM tool has improved prospecting capabilities, giving users the ability to import one or more records directly from Simple Search results.

“With the release of Access Hoover’s 3.0 we’ve listened to our customers and responded to their needs by arming sales teams with quicker access to more of the right data and tools in one place,” said VP Marketing for Hoover’s, James Rogers. “With Access Hoover’s for Salesforce CRM, clients can now generate stronger leads, deepen existing relationships and boost retention, ultimately driving more growth for their business.”

Hoover 3.0 on Salesforce.com’s AppExchange will help sales teams optimize their sales strategies and have greater access to valuable lead generation information. For more info on Hoover’s 3.0 visit: www.hoovers.com.

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