CRM Software Reviews

KANA Review

KANA is a worldwide provider of multi-channel customer service solutions. Serving some of the largest companies in the world, KANA takes an innovative approach towards customer service by providing cost-effective solutions that instill high quality customer interactions. The CRM solutions let businesses deliver superior customer service through email, live chat, call center, and web self-service.

C2CRM Review

C2CRM is a 100 percent web-based CRM application, but also provides 100 percent offline capabilities to ensure that users can have quick and easy access to important customer information. The highly scalable CRM software is ideal for small to mid-size businesses and can be sold as software and a hardware solution leveraging IBM equipment, but is also platform independent.

Soffront Review

Soffront provides a revolutionary CRM solution that meets the demands of mid-market companies. With strong capabilities in sales, marketing and support, Soffront provides a popular, completely Web-based CRM solution that is highly flexible and can adapt to several different environments and organizational structures.

SugarCRM Review

Founded in 2004, SugarCRM is the world’s leading provider of open-source customer relationship management (CRM) software. With over five million downloads and more than 500,000 users, SugarCRM has been recognized for its success and innovation by CRM Magazine, InfoWorld, Customer Interaction Solutions and Intelligent Enterprise.

Infusionsoft Review

Infusionsoft is a Web-based CRM solution tailor-made for small businesses. The CRM software is a complete solution that combines direct response marketing, eCommerce, and small business management to help organizations enhance their sales, marketing, and customer support processes.

CDC Software Pivotal CRM Review

Founded in 1994, CDC Software provides enterprise applications designed to improve performance and deliver a superior customer experience. CDC’s extensive portfolio of products are proven to increase profitability, and Pivotal CRM has become one of the most popular CRM software offerings worldwide.

Zoho CRM Review

Zoho is an on-line comprehensive suite of business applications for small businesses. Zoho’s hosted business model allows users to have quick and easy access anytime, anywhere, without having to worry about expensive hardware or software upgrades and costs. With over 1.5 million registered users, Zoho has established themselves as one of the top providers of small business CRM.

Workbooks CRM Review

Workbooks provides on-demand CRM software that supports an organizations complete business lifecycle, including sales, marketing, sales order management, customer service and support, supplier order management, invoicing, and company management. Workbooks Web-based business model delivers value immediately to businesses and is perfect for small to mid-sized companies.

Amdocs Review

Amdocs is an award-winning customer experience system, driven by a combination of high-end software, superior service, and expertise. Amdocs customer experience systems are used by the largest Telecommunications companies in the world, and Amdocs has been recognized as the #1 Telecom Operations Management Systems Vendor" by Gartner.

AppShore Review

AppShore is a CRM provider for small businesses that have outgrown their Excel Spreadsheets, but do not want the hassle of dealing with complex CRM software like SugarCRM or AppShore gives users consistent service matched with a practical and cost-effective CRM solution without the unnecessary "bells and whistles" of larger enterprise CRM software.