CRM Software Reviews

StayinFront Review

StayinFront’s innovative CRM technology helps enterprises increase sales force effectiveness and deliver both robust performance and flexibility. They have partnered with enterprises in life sciences, consumer goods, financial services and business-to-business companies.

OmnipriseCRM Review is driven by the philospophy of continously exceeding expectations while providing superior customer service. With their CRM software, OmnipriseCRM, has grown in leaps and bounds, and has even become a contender in the vast CRM software market.

Realtyna Review

Realtyna is 100% dedicated to providing web applications and CRM for the real estate market. Realtyna Offers a Software Suite including website CMS, Property Listing Application (RPL) and CRM that work perfectly with each other. The seamless integration allows real estate businesses to use one software suite that addresses all of their needs. The tailored real estate software is perfect for all real estate firms and agents.

InfoFlo Review

InfoFlo allows users to completely manage their contact lists. The CRM solution enables users to organize their customers with a single click, manage projects and documents, and collaborate. InfoFlo even links all emails, calendars, appointments, documents, pictures, notes, charts, and more.

BPMonline Review

BPMonline has been launched with a challenging goal to build a game changing solution that will merges BPM & CRM, and raise the standards of the CRM market to a new level. The BPMonline team has been in the CRM and IT markets for over 10 years. The experience, gained through thousands of CRM and consulting projects has enabled BPMonline to build a comprehensive business solution that harnesses innovative ideas and employs the latest technologies.

Catalyst CRM Review

Catalyst is a hosted web based CRM with no required downloads or installation. Multiple users can access and share information on mobile devices from any location which provides internet capability. Technical support is free and data is protected by nightly backups and encryption.

Voodoo CRM Review

Voodoo CRM can help businesses identify demographics regionally to identify who will be most interested in your product. Once your sales market is identified, Voodoo helps you create pre-recorded audio and text messaging to contact customers. Call centers can be smoothly operated from the purchase and protection of leads to the formats available for payment.

Magna CRM Review

Magna CRM is a company committed to helping businesses manage and maximize their business contacts with affordable, easy-to-use software. Magna CRM uses simple interface to enhance sales management and smooth the flow of business activities.

Salesboom Review

Salesboom offers comprehensive management tools which meet the small business need to join budget consciousness, flexibile and advanced business strategies. Salesboom eliminates high up front and maintenance costs associated with traditional CRM software solutions. Designed with the small business in mind, Salesboom can grow as your business grows meaning updates are implemented within days rather than months.

Karma CRM Review

Karma was engineered for small businesses to manage contacts and unify sales teams in a unique, simple fashion. Karma CRM seeks to take the confusion out of monitoring sales leads and agendas by streaming information into simplified functions.