CRM Software Reviews

FrontRange CRM Review

FrontRange is one of the most popular small business CRM providers in the market, and their GoldMine CRM is an integrated suite of contact center, helpdesk, and customer service solutions. GoldMine CRM is designed for organizations of all sizes and industry, and is one of the only CRM providers that offers integrated telephony/call center capabilities with their solution.

CRMnext Review

CRMnext delivers high impact customer relationship management solutions with a unique practice led implementation methodology and product capability. CRMnext aims at breaking silos and creating a unified view of processes to enable organizations implement and realize benefits of their CRM strategy.

Landslide CRM Review

Landslide CRM offers one of the most complete CRM solutions on the market. The company's mobile CRM and integrated web conferencing make them one of the best choices for organizations that require connectivity anytime, anywhere.

GuestWare Review

GuestWare is a uniquely designed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Guest Experience Management (GEM) software solution specifically designed to build customer loyalty within the lodging industry. Major hotel management companies seek out GuestWare’s robust approach to hotel management both at the enterprise and property levels.

Office Accelerator CRM

Released in 1990, Office Accelerator has been distinguished as the award-winning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) option for business professionals and government agencies. Known for its reliabile and flexible service, Office Accelerator offers an all-inclusive monthly solution that help companies maintain essential contact and calendar data secure and easily-accessible.

Merxcore Review

AddressTwo Review

AddressTwo consolidates the major tasks of sales, marketing, and customer management into one solution. For the micro-enterprise sole proprietor, this is a big advantage because it means that everything from prospecting and sales to broadcast marketing to project management can all exist in one system.

Mothernode CRM Review

vtiger Review

vtiger is a complete open source CRM project, providing a phenomenal open solution to both the small and medium sized enterprises around the globe. This robust solution is offered in various languages and is supported by strong partners in various countries.

Maximizer CRM Review

For over 20 years, Maximizer Software has been a pioneer in the CRM industry. They are one of the world's leading CRM providers with over 120,000 customers. Customers can gain a competitive advantage with Maximizer CRM's robust set of features in sales, marketing, customer service, business intelligence, and more.