CRM Software Reviews

Ivinex Review

Ivinex CRM is a modern application designed for today's dynamic business environment. Customization is the focal point of Ivinex CRM's market strategy, and the software can easily be sculpted to address any business or industry requirement. Review

By combining sales and marketing tools with telephony capabilities, provides a one-of-a-kind CRM solution to deliver effective multi-channel sales and marketing campaigns. CRM products are proven to significantly increase sales activities, lead qualification, effective analytics, and overall customer satisfaction.

Infor CRM Review

Infor is a renowned CRM provider that has received several awards for their software solutions including: 2009 Intelligent Enterprise Editor’s Choice Award for “Exceptional Vision, Technological Innovation and Customer Leadership”, 2008 CustomerSat Achievement in Customer Excellence (ACE) Award from MarketTools, ISM Top 15 CRM Enterprise Software in 2008.

Eloqua Review

Eloqua is leading provider of marketing automation software for mid-sized and large enterprises. They have been the recipients of numerous awards for their industry leadership and innovation, and has been recognized as one of the strongest CRM providers in the world.

Commence CRM Review

Commence is a leading CRM provider for small and mid-sized businesses. Their proven CRM software maintains a long history of success, and is used by several thousand businesses worldwide to manage day-to-day sales and service activities.

coAction CRM Review

coAction is a cloud-based CRM provider, which uses its coApps to enforce collaboration across sales, marketing, and service departments. The on-demand CRM lets businesses get up and running in just a few hours, letting them see immediate value from the solution.

ClaritySoft Review

ClaritySoft is a CRM provider that stands out from the crowd by giving users an affordable, quick to implement CRM solution loaded with only the features needed to effectively run small to mid-sized businesses. The trimmed down CRM software loses the low value capabilities common in larger enterprise CRM to give users an easy to learn and implement solution.

ADAPTcrm Review

Established in 1993, ADAPT Software Applications, Inc. has provided CRM software to over 1200 businesses around the globe. With a focus on providing cutting edge technology, sophisticated functionality, and a best-in-class implementation methodology, ADAPTcrm has been one of the most popular complete end-to-end Customer Relationship Management solutions.

Dynamic CRM Review

Dynamic CRM is a product of Digital Alchemy that employs software solutions for the hotel industry that reflects better guest relationships and management services. A proven leader in hotel CRM, Digital Alchemy has been providing innovative virtual hotel CRM concepts for over a decade.

TigerPaw Review

TigerPaw CRM allows businesses to streamline their business processes into one complete solution. This robust contact management solution equips professionals with vital tools that enable them to successfully organize, automate and track the flow of pertinent data for exceeding optimal business flow.