Announces Chatter 2

Today, at Oracle OpenWorld, is expected to announce the release of Chatter 2, an updated version of the already popular Chatter app.

Chatter, which has only been available for roughly 3 months, has seen quick user adoption by existing Salesforce customers. Chatter users have even gone so far as to barrage with requests for various tools and features needed to improve the Chatter app.

At OpenWorld, Salesforce is expected to announce the customer-driven features which will include filters to quickly sort through feeds, topics to follow relevant posts, recommendations for following and joining groups, desktop pop-up alerts, analytics, drag-and-drop file uploads directly into Chatter, search, email digest that provides a quick summary of feeds, and a new home page called Chatter Central.

Since its inception, Salesforce hasn’t kept it a secret that Chatter stemmed from Facebook and Twitter, but Salesforce has build on those social media ideas and found a way to implement them into the enterprise.’s solutions now go beyond traditional tools, and Chatter has become an ideal complimentary product for existing business solutions such as CRM. Salesforce Chatter has become the fastest growing product for, and with the new customer-inspired upgrades, Chatter 2 can be expected to become a popular product amongst business professionals.

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  1. Anna says:

    Salesforce Chatter is now available in Outlook.

    Chatter provider for Microsoft Social Connector has been released by InvisibleCRM.

    Any user can now watch the Salesforce activities of all his or her colleagues as well as the activities of the contacts and leads being followed on salesforce Chatter.

    Please go to for more details.

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