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Salesforce.com Releases Jigsaw

On September 1, Salesforce.com, the cloud computing company, announced the release of Jigsaw for Salesforce CRM. Jigsaw is a crowd-sourced business data service for Salesforce CRM customers. Jigsaw will increase the demand for cloud-based data services, according to Salesforce. Jigsaw was built using salesforce.com technologies. It provides a new user interface, analytics dashboards, seamless integration […]

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Salesforce.com Acquires Jigsaw

Salesforce.com bought Jigsaw in a $142 million acquisition. Jigsaw, a business data provider, helps users store contact information, target audiences and generate leads. The cloud CRM enterprise bought Jigsaw in an effort to facilitate building contact lists in Salesforce databases. Salesforce has optimized the process of tracking and communicating with customers, but the process of […]

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