Brings Chatter to Stratus Technologies

Today, announced the successful deployment of their Cloud 2 technologies for Stratus Technologies. Stratus, a provider of high availability on its servers, has utilized’s Cloud 2 technologies to reach a greater level of communication with its customer base, and has been an early success story of Salesforce Chatter implementation.

Salesforce is providing Stratus with five custom built applications to effectively manage their business. The applications include a professional services application to manage projects and track expenses, a license management application to track each purchased license and to create easy to use portals for customers, a marketing automation application, a system-loaner application to track computer systems loaned out to partners, and legal application for patent and trademark management.

Furthermore, Stratus has emerged as one of’s first successful Chatter users. Chatter has allowed Stratus employees to follow various projects and to be alerted with any updates or changes to the statuses in real-time. Chatter has even enabled Stratus to display activity streams that host customer support requests that can be discussed, tracked, and transferred into a report that can be seen on any computer or mobile device.

Stratus Technologies appear to be excited about their successful implementations of’s CRM applications and particularly with Salesforce Chatter. CIO of Stratus Technologies, Joe Graves, commented, “The five custom applications we’ve built using along with Chatter are providing new levels of efficiency and transparency across our business.’s Cloud 2 solutions are enabling us to focus on our mission to help customers keep critical business operations online without interruption.”

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