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On September 1,, the cloud computing company, announced the release of Jigsaw for Salesforce CRM. Jigsaw is a crowd-sourced business data service for Salesforce CRM customers. Jigsaw will increase the demand for cloud-based data services, according to Salesforce.

Jigsaw was built using technologies. It provides a new user interface, analytics dashboards, seamless integration and real-time updates of important business data with the use of Salesforce Chatter. The general manager for Jigsaw, Kevin Akeroyd, commented. He said, “CRM systems are only as good as the information inside them. With Jigsaw for Salesforce CRM, customers can be alerted to changes in contacts through Chatter in real-time. This degree of operational agility is only possible with Jigsaw’s data in the cloud.”

Jigsaw is integrated with Salesforce Chatter,’s social collaboration tool. Jigsaw can instantly recognize changes to important company data or contacts in Salesforce CRM. It can also update records and publish changes through Chatter in real-time. Jigsaw is ideal for business users because sales representatives know when business contact data becomes bad instantly. Jigsaw even has mobile capabilities, as its updates can be received on the Apple iPhone or iPad.

Jigsaw is taking the cloud to the next level. It is the first business data service that can keep up with sales or marketing changes. It provides real-time updates as soon as data is changed, keeping all employees updated at all times. Instead of companies having to spend tons of money on data sourcing services, they can use Jigsaw, which is an affordable solution in the cloud. Jigsaw is inexpensive because it does not require data management, backup, security, integration, storage or updates.

The managing principal at Beagle Research Group, Denis Pombriant, said, “In this economy, companies need more innovative sales and marketing strategies and better business data. Jigsaw for Salesforce CRM and Chatter provides them with reliable business data that is updated and published to sales and marketing employees in real-time. We’re likely to see more companies turning to data in the cloud to support their dynamic operations.”

Salesforce’s Jigsaw is now available to the general public. It starts at $29 per user per month. Find out more about Jigsaw on

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  1. Jim says:

    I believe Salesforce is doing a good job with cloud concepts and maturing the software. However, I think they are playing around too much with products like Chatter and Jigsaw. The first thing you learn in sales is to guard your contacts. Really, salespersons don’t even share contact information with each other even within the same company! Information is power. Does Salesforce expects everyone to freely share their money making contacts?! Are they taking ‘social’ a little bit too far?

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