RelayWare PRM Announces SalesForce Integration

Recently, it was announced that RelayWare, a provider of cloud-based partner relationship management solutions(PRM), has worked with to create an integration connector for the two applications.

CRM and PRM solutions, although different, are complementary products that create a powerful sales platform when combined. RelayWare’s PRM solution, enables users to manage every aspect of partner programs, and provides advanced partner intelligence information. When combined with the Salesforce CRM  solution, users are able to receive the benefits of increased sales operating efficiency and improved information flow, but with the added benefits of being able to optimize every phase of the partner lifecycle.

CEO of RelayWare, Mike Morgan, stated in a press release, “Today’s announcement formalizes what we’ve already been executing with our customers. Because has such a large footprint, our team has been working in the field to join these two imperative business tools for awhile now. The customers who participated in our beta test program saw incremental profits from partner-led leads and renewals dwarf the investment made in RelayWare within a month of deployment, delivering a substantial ROI.”

RelayWare’s PRM solution brings the power of a sophisticated enterprise application, but allows for enough flexibility to connect to any Salesforce application. The integration of these two software solutions will prove beneficial for businesses functioning with indirect sales models who want to improve the effectiveness of their various sales channels.

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