CRM Success: AmerisourceBergen

AmeriSourceBergen is a leading pharmaceutical company that was struggling with a custom .NET solution that was unable to keep up with the company’s rapid growth and market-driven business needs. As a result, the provider sought to deploy a comprehensive business platform that would effectively support its sales, service and other business processes across all 10 of the company’s divisions.

In an effort to quickly develop and deploy this new application to support all distribution partners, patients and physicians, AmerisourceBergen turned to While the provider did take a look at Microsoft CRM and Siebel, was the ultimate choice due to its rapid implementation time, low up-front cost, and its ability to quickly develop new tools and applications on the cloud platform.

AmericSourceBergen partnered with Astadia to roll out the CRM platform to employees in such departments as customer support, finance, human resources, inside and outside sales, marketing and more. There are currently 1,000 corporate and divisional employees relying on this solution.

This implementation enabled the company to consolidate contact and customer support information and integrate this platform with an ERP solution and a proprietary data warehouse solution. Real-time updates on key business metrics are available through customized dashboards and reports.

A content library replaced local file systems to provide sales teams with the most up-to-date and relevant information and proposals are easily generated with Conga Merge from the AppExchange. ExactTarget helps to produce real-time campaign results.

With this centralized and easy-to-use CRM system, disparate groups within AmeriSourceBergen can share information and facilities for cross-divisional business development. Leveraging, sales and marketing effectiveness is improved with real-time views of key information and metrics and fast access to relevant content ensures sales are handled more efficiently, driving strong revenues for long-term success.

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