Acquired Activa Live

This past week, it was announced that, the enterprise cloud computing company, acquired Activa Live, an enterprise chat startup. Activa Live provides an on-demand cloud computing service, which includes customer support, live chat and online sales interaction features.

Activa Live’s software is useful to companies who want to interact with online visitors. These interactions can help business employees develop better relationships with customers which leads to more sales and increased customer satisfaction. One interesting feature of the software is that chat agents can see what an online customer is typing before the message is sent. This allows the agent to search for the specific answer faster.

Currently, Activa Live is an application on’s App Exchange platform. will presumably integrate some of Activa Live’s features with Salesforce Chatter. Salesforce has not released an official statement on the matter so only time will tell.

There is a desktop version and a browser-based version of Active Live. It is widely used by well known companies, including Best Buy, American Apparel and more. Check back to see an update on what decides to do about the acquisition.

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